App 隐私协议

Beluga App Privacy Guidelines


This guideline is formulated by Beluga App developer "Podoon (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "developer") to process your personal information.


Information processed by the developer

According to the law, the developer only processes the information necessary to realize the function of the App.


Developers will access and use the following 5 permissions

1. Access approximate location information (locate using the web)
2. Modify or delete the contents of the memory card
3. Access exact location information (location using GPS and network)
4. Read the contents of the memory card
5. Access your Bluetooth to connect the Beluga Smart Pillow.

Instructions for use rights:

Access to location information is because Android requires location-related permissions to use the Bluetooth scanning function, and the App needs to use Bluetooth to scan for nearby Bluetooth devices before it can connect to the Beluga Smart Pillow.

Invoking the permission to modify, delete, and read the content of the memory card is to store the cache of the device to avoid severe degradation of user experience due to multiple network requests. At the same time, it stores the log of the key location of the application, so that when the hardware fails, the user can manually send the log to the small computer offline. The Beluga technical team is helpful for the technical team to locate and solve problems and optimize products.


Developer's storage of information

 fixed storage period

1 month

 The developer undertakes that, unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, the developer shall keep your information for the shortest time necessary to achieve the purpose of processing.

Rules for the use of information

The developer will use the collected information for the purposes stated in this guideline


If the developer uses your information beyond the purpose or reasonable scope of this guideline, the developer must inform and obtain your express consent again in the form of "BelugaApp Privacy Protection Guidelines" before changing the purpose or scope of use.


Information provided externally

The developer promises that it will not actively share or transfer your information to any third party. If there is a real need to share or transfer, the developer should directly obtain or confirm that the third party obtains your separate consent.


The developer promises that it will not publicly disclose your information to the public. If it must be publicly disclosed, the developer should inform you of the purpose of public disclosure, the type of information disclosed and the information that may be involved, and obtain your separate consent.


If you think the developer has not abided by the above agreement, or have other complaints and suggestions, or issues related to the protection of minors' personal information, you can contact the developer in the following ways.

Email :


Update date: 2022-08-24


Effective date: 2022-08-24


 This App has explained the information processing of users one by one and truthfully, and guarantees that the guidelines will be updated in time if there are changes.





本指引是Beluga App开发者 "跑动(厦门)信息科技有限公司"(以下简称“开发者”)为处理你的个人信息而制定。





开发者将访问并使用以下 5种权限 

1. 访问大致位置信息(使用网络进行定位)
2. 修改或删除存储卡中的内容
3. 访问确切位置信息(使用 GPS 和网络进行定位)
4. 读取存储卡中的内容 

5. 访问你的蓝牙,用于连接小白鲸智能枕。


 访问位置信息 是因为Android 使用蓝牙扫描功能需要位置相关权限,App需要使用蓝牙扫描附近蓝牙设备才可以连接到小白鲸智能枕。



















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