• Brand Introduction

    BELUGA is an intelligent home brand established by Xiamen Xiao Bai Jing Technology Co., Ltd.  Its main product is the BELUGA Smart Pillow, which automatically adjusts the pillow height according to the user's sleeping position.

  • Source of Inspiration

    BELUGA, leading you into the deep sleep ocean. The soft forehead of the beluga whale can change its shape to adapt to the environment, which is perfectly in line with the core feature of "self-adaptation" of the product: the BELUGA Smart  Pillow can sense the changes in the body's sleeping position and automatically adjust the pillow height according to different sleeping positions.

  • Brand Story

    In 2014, during their time working together at Motorola, Zheng Xuan and Miao Jiangping both suffered from severe neck problems that significantly affected their work. They decided to develop a pillow that could automatically adjust its height according to the sleeping position. Lacking knowledge in neck problems, they enlisted the help of Liu Zhenlei, a fellow teammate of Zheng Xuan in the long-distance running team at Tsinghua University and a clinical medical doctoral student at Peking Union Medical College. Driven by the frustration of neck problems, Dr. Liu Zhenlei chose to specialize in neurosurgery related to neck problems at Xuanwu Hospital, which is known for its expertise in spinal conditions. Dr. Liu Zhenlei said, "I hope that with more people using BELUGA, there will be fewer surgeries needed here.”

  • Brand Philosophy

    "Love what you love" is the principle that BELUGA adheres to. Only with a healthy neck can you pursue your passions. Taking care of your neck is taking care of your dreams. BELUGA hopes to help users rediscover the passions and dreams they had to give up due to neck problems. We wish for you to love what you love and be free.

  • Development History

    • October 2022 - Xiamen Xiao Bai Jing Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
    • March 2023 - The next generation of BELUGA Smart Pillow was officially launched.

Brand Culture

  • Slogan: Love What You Love
  • Mission: Let no one give up their dreams because of cervical spine problems.
  • Vision: Care for millions of people's cervical spine and sleep.
  • Core Values: Simplicity through trust.

Brand Advantages

  • Chinese Brand: National High-Tech Enterprise
  • Numerous Patents: Possessing multiple core patented technologies
  • Core Team: Cutting-edge core team, talent workstations with prestigious universities
  • Professional Manufacturing: 9 years of research and development, domestically pioneering AI adaptive pillows
  • The BELUGA Smart Pillow is an AI adaptive pillow. It can intelligently recognize changes in the body's sleeping posture, automatically adjusting the pillow height based on the sleeping posture, providing different heights needed for the head and neck when lying on one's back or side, helping to maintain a scientifically comfortable state for the cervical spine during sleep.


  • Product Features

    • PoseSense®technology: AI self-learning algorithm, thin film pressure sensors, accurately identify sleeping postures. 
    • Automatic Height Adjustment: Airbags automatically inflate and deflate to adjust the pillow height needed for different sleeping postures.
    • Airsilent® Low-Noise Inflation Technology: Airbag inflation and deflation is as gentle as breathing, won't disturb sleep.
    • Ergonomic Design: Scientifically designed pillow curve.
    • Customizable Pillow Height: Set a personalized height through the app, with a range of 2-12cm.
    • Sleep Monitoring: The accompanying mobile app allows viewing of sleep data, including the number of times turned over, sleep depth, changes in sleeping posture, and duration of sleep, among other data points.

Safe and Reliable

A pillow that actively adapts to your body for better neck protection.

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