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BELUGA Smart Pillow

BELUGA Smart Pillow

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Product Information

Pillow Dimensions:


Outer Pillowcase Fabric:

54% recycled cellulose fiber, 39% polyester fiber, 7% spandex

Inner Pillowcase Fabric:

88% polyester fiber, 12% spandex

Pillow Core Material:

Slow rebound space memory foam (Density: 150D, Rebound time: 5 seconds)

Material of Airbag:

12 chambers, 210D, TPU


ARM Cortex™-M0 32-bit processor


100um thin film pressure sensor

Battery Type:

3.7V lithium battery (5000mAh)

Connection Method:

2.4GHz ultra-low power Bluetooth

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  • Choose a Pillow That Can Actively Adapt to You

    • Automatic height adjustment
    • Smart posture detection
    • Automatic inflatable airbag

  • Airsilent® Low-Noise Inflation Technology

    The pillow operates with almost no sound, won't disturb sleep. We use 27mm Mini Silent Air Pump and Airsilent® Low-Noise Inflation Technology, The sound level of the air pump during operation is as low as 29.1 dB(A)*

    *Data is based on specific laboratory test results and may vary depending on the environment.

    Chinese Utility Model Patent, Patent No.ZL 2017 2 11355853

  • Safe to Use

    No harmful radiation. The electromagnetic exposure from  pillow for one night is approximately equal to that of being exposed to a desk lamp for 1 second.

    The electromagnetic power density is 0.00079 mW/cm2, which is much lower than the international standard of 1 mW/cm2 (FCC, Federal Communications Commission of the United States).

Product Details

  • The pillow core is made of 150D high-density memory foam, with a slow rebound of 5 seconds,relieving pressure on the neck.
  • The charger has a Type-C interface and a 2m long cable, which meets the requirements for long-distance charging.
  • The pillowcase is made of high-quality 320g blended fiber fabric, which is soft, smooth, skin-friendly, and breathable.
  • The zipper uses a 111cm U-shaped design, making it more convenient for washing and changing.